Compound Wall Work in Bangalore

Service Provider of a wide range of services which include Masonry Compound wall Work, Ornamental Compound Wall Work, Cladding Compound Wall Work, Precast Compound Wall Work in Bangalore. The offered range of service includes the construction of compound wall, fencing and maintenance of compound wall. This construction service is delivered using the best quality cement and stone blocks to provide dextrous construction to the boundary wall of our clients premise.

Masonry compound wall

Masonry Compound wall Work in Bangalore

We are offering optimum quality service of Masonry Compound Wall in Bangalore. These home front boundary wall designs help give private properties the chance to veil themselves from the road, in terms of visibility, dust and noise pollution, thus suiting the primary purpose of a wall, that is security. Typically, these walls are known to be constructed using laterite stones, red clay bricks or fly ash bricks, steel, and cement mortar. Masonry walls are typically constructed using laterite stones, red clay bricks or fly ash bricks, steel, and cement mortar. Construction of such walls start from 2 ft below ground level to ensure that the wall gets proper anchorage.

Ornamental compound wall
Ornamental Compound Wall Work in Bangalore

CCC is one of the leading Service of Ornamental Compound Wall in Bangalore. It prevents unwanted people and objects from entering your property. Over and above the safety factor, a compound wall gives an aesthetic look to the property. In Bangalore, most houses and buildings opened directly on the road or space in front. Ornamental Compound wall is a combination of masonry wall and mild steel/stainless steel grills. In this type of wall, up to 3-5ft masonry wall is constructed. Above this masonry wall, we can fix mild steel grills or stainless steel grills as per the decoration and security requirements.

Cladding compound wall
Cladding Compound Wall Work in Bangalore

We offer an exclusive range of Cladding Compound Wall in Bangalore. Cladding compound walls use cladding materials such as vitreous tiles, marbles or shera panels. We can fix these over typical masonry walls to give them an aesthetic appeal. A cladding wall is generally impervious to changing weather conditions. The purpose of cladding is to protect a building’s structure from harsh weather conditions and adverse weather elements but it can have other unique benefits as well, such as insulation, noise control and it can boost the aesthetic appeal of a building to a great extent.

Precast compound wall
Precast Compound Wall Work in Bangalore

We are one of the leading names in the industry for offering best quality Precast Wall Compound. We provide these products in diverse specifications as per the customers’ requirements. Provided walls are highly recommended amongst our customers for their reliability and sturdy construction. Furthermore, offered walls are easy to install and can also be modified as per the specifications provided by our clients. Precast concrete walls are constructed by casting concrete in a reusable wall mold or form which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and lifted into place. The main function of the precast walls is to speed up the construction process.


A compound wall serves to delimit your home or building, ensures privacy and protection. Thus the primary purpose of a wall is security. It prevents trespassers from moving into your property and restricts entry into your personal space.

Masonry is commonly used to make the walls of buildings, retaining walls, and monuments. Brick is the most common type of material chosen and may be used for weight-bearing purposes or to form a veneer. Another material is concrete block, which is rapidly gaining in popularity.

Precast compound walls are made from concrete and steel materials which are heavy and durable compared to traditional brick walls. The precast panels provide high security.

Benefits of Precast Compound Walls are:
  • Time Saver (It takes very less time to install. …
  • Cost Saving: Precast Wall saves more or equal 60% cost compare to brick wall.
  • High strength : Precast Panels and Columns are reinforced with High Tensile Wires / High carbon steel.